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Renault Master, initial registration: 02/13/2013, van

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We are only allowed to auction some objects under consideration of § 168 InsO. That means: we have the order to obtain bids for this object and submit the highest bid to the secured creditor. The buyer now has 7 days to agree to the highest bid or to submit a higher bid.

If the bid is approved, the bidder who submitted the highest bid will receive an invoice by email. If the security creditor does not agree to the bid submitted by us, the bid expires. The bidder will be informed of this immediately.

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Renault Master, initial registration: 02/13/2013, van

Former license plate: OL-D 8040, 7-seater, rear bench with 4 seats, glazed wing doors at the rear, sliding door on the right, high roof, long wheelbase, TÜV until 09/23, trailer hitch, chassis no.: VF1MAA4DE48426963, Euro 5, diesel, 2299ccm , 92 KW, 6-speed manual transmission, 244,997 km, air conditioning, construction vehicle, driver's seat worn, various dents and scratches on the entire vehicle, 3333/AXK, with content: workshop installation Bott, tripod, tools, consumables

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